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Dearest Debby,

This dish with Romney, your Cozy Coquetti and friends is a true masterpiece...upon receipt of it I was astounded at its magnificence . My husband hid it behind his back until I walked in the door and said "I have a surprise for you'...WOW..and what surprise. I was so overwhelmed and ecstatic I literally cried. All the dogs are so expressive...what happy faces! and each one's eyes are unbelievable! This will be treasured by me forever. Your unbelievable talent knows no boundaries. Thank you eversomuch for bestowing so much joy through your jncredible artistry..



Debby. Once again you have just astounded me. Every time I look at the VA Memory Plate you created for me, I just have to smile and sometimes sigh. I presented you with quite a challenge: capturing our favorite people, dogs, and places from four years of living in VA. And just as you have for all my other Debby art, you got it perfectly. It is all there: the UPS truck which Amanda still tries to get treats from here in CA, her two best dog friends waiting in front of their house for us, our favorite 3 year old and her Grandmother walking buddies, Amanda's best friend with my best friend and her daughter and her friend on "the bench" (the two girls taught Amanda to get up on that bench and today she is still getting up on benches here in CA!), the special neighbor who would give Amanda treats (and if she wasn't home Amanda would lay down there and not want to budge), the other neighbor Amanda adored, and the field we would all congregate in with us in the center joined by the rest of our special dog friends. You even found room to include the green electrical box at the bottom of the field which was a key landmark in our neighborhood - a sniffing stop on every walk for every dog. It is all there. And what you wrote on the back is just too true. And this plate will help keep those memories alive. Thank you so much for being so creative and intuitive!!

- from our friends Judith Robinson and beautiful Amanda now residing in Northern California

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Janelle Smith at Van Camp, Meacham & Newman for the wonderful set of books and puppets. My daughter Madison loves them so much, they are so colorful for her to look at and the finger puppets just make the whole experience even better! You are so creative and talented and I am very lucky to know Janelle and I have seen some of your work in the reception area at work and it is so unique…it makes me happy just to see it. I just wanted to extend my thank you for the set of books and I look forward to ordering some of your work for my mother-in-law, she has a lab named Ginger that is a stitch!!! Have a wonderful day and thanks again.

Thank You,
Melissa Kirst

PS- I attached some cute pics of Madison playing with her new books ;)!!!!
Dear Debby

As you can see your spectacular work is gloriously displayed. Clients are in awe! This is a 9-atty. law firm...very big practice...busy, busy! I just wish I had displayed your books also. Pls let me know if you would like me to include them in some photos...I shall be more than happy to do so.

I now adore my work area!



'sophisticated black poodle is Romney -law mascot'

Part of the lobby/reception area at the Pinehurst North Carolina law firm of Van Camp, Meacham & Newman PLLC
Two beauties languishing in their life with Janelle!

-- Janelle Smith of Janelle and Clair Smith.

Dear Debbie,

I just love these bowls. They are so sweet and I will treasure them forever. I love the little butterfly for Frannie too. I am deeply touched by your personalized art. The Cha Cha the Dancing Dog is delightful. To hear the music when nothing is playing is just wonderful. And thank you for the doggy key ring.

Many thanks and blessing to you and your gift.

Hi Debby! Here are three photos my husband took of Tucker with his gorgeous new dish -- photographing a black dog is somewhat tough, but I think he still looks adorable next to his dish!! Thanks again

-- Kristine.

  Hello Debby,

I received the adorable bowl you made for my cat, Gypsy. From the online images, I knew your pieces were beautifully created but actually having one, and being able to handle it is way better!

I love the colors, delightful artwork, and rich smooth glaze. The underside of the bowl with your signature and name of the bowl are such a classy touch. Anyone who buys one of these will be getting a work of art at a very reasonable price.

You are a lady of many talents. "Kittywimpuss Got Game" is a delightful story and the illustrations are wonderful! I taught elementary school for 30 years and, I must say, your book would delight kids of any age. I especially like the rhythm of your prose and use of words like, shadizzle & kafizzle. It reminds me very much of the humorous poetry of Roald Dahl.

Thank you so much for sending me these treasures.

All good wishes to you,

Virginia Downs
Natural Pet Source
Debby, the new treat jars arrived today and you've done it again!! Amanda and Tater (best friends from puppy days to the present) have been captured in such a perfect manner - treats being their very favorite thing of course. It is a good thing I decided to order two - I wouldn't be able to give the one away if I didn't have one to keep for myself! I love my "set" of custom bowls and treat jars which capture Amanda in such a fun and great way. And this one of the two dogs is going to make a very special Christmas present for our good friends. Once again, thank you so much!!!

Judith Robinson

Here we are with our amazing look-alikes...mirrors of ourselves! Debby, you sure know how to capture the moments!

We absolutely love our whimsical reproductions! Nobody can do it like you!

Your talents are immeasurable!

Much love

Mika & Miko Smith (NC)
Debby, I absolutely love the treat jars! Your creativity and perception astound me. I just love your work. My "Amanda" set by Debby Carman is one of my favorite possessions. I love seeing the moments and looks of my favorite pictures translated in your ceramics. I just can't seem to stop coming back for more! I now have both the young and then more mature Amanda captured as well as Amanda in her favorite spot. And coming up will be Amanda with her best friend Tater. By the way, both dogs are also great fans of your jars. When we go upstairs at night, the first thing Amanda will do is stand on the bed and stare fixedly at the one on the bureau until she gets rewarded! And both she and Tater know the sound of a lid being raised and will be there next to you in an instant! Functional, fun, and customized - perfect for the pet lover! It is so much fun when your packages arrive!

Thanks Debby!!

Judith Robinson

Amanda's joy - "Judith"

Prekrasne Primal Enchantment on the left and Verineya Onix Gloria on the right.

Proud and clever owner, stylist extraordinaire is Tracy Lee Pitre, our friend and customer!

The World’s Most Beautiful Pet Bowls

By Stacy E. Smith

A while back I connected with Faux Paw Productions artist, Debby Carman after seeing her work online and really liked what I saw. I wanted to do a product review on her beautiful artwork and she suggested that she create a bowl for one of our dogs.

What Debby says about herself and her work:

Debby Carman is a Laguna Beach artist, author, cartoonist, and fabulist who dreamily draws, paints, and sculpts whimsical cats, dogs and other creatures of the animal kingdom. She chronicles random notions, furry motions and life’s nutty nuances depicting fun and farce, frolic and foible in her distinctively recognizable style and expressively vibrant color palette.

FauxPaw Productions… where whimsical art captures the very essence of cat & dog antics, finding amusement in scenes of snoozing, scheming, mousing, cleaning, fishing, wishing, kissing dreaming…

Custom ceramic pet art. Whimsical, charmsical, one-of-a-kind originals. A gift of tribute to cherish.

What we say:

I decided the bowl would be for Keegan, our Border Collie, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to include in the design. With that she asked a few questions about Keegan; his size (so she’d know what size bowl would be appropriate), what he liked to do, his personality, how to spell his name, etc.

In a week or so (it didn’t take long) a box showed up. I had no idea what it was going to look like and was eager to see what Debby had done.

Let me tell you, we were thrilled! She captured Keegan’s personality perfectly in the depiction of him on the inside of the bowl - complete with his head cocked a little to the side. In the background and around the outside of the bowl several sheep on some rolling hills — just waiting to be herded by Keegan — and painted his name on the outside as well. Now, I never said anything about Keegan ever having herded sheep because he hasn’t. He just chases balls and frisbees. When I looked at the bottom, Debby had painted the following: “Keegan’s Sheep Dreams.” That was almost my favorite part - to consider that as a city dog, Keegan had no opportunity to do what his breed was created to do and must be in his blood, and imagine that instead of being able to do it his waking life, herding sheep must be what fills his dreams.

I can’t tell you how thoughtful we thought that was and makes me think that even after Keegan is no longer with us (don’t worry, he’s only 7 and in perfect health), we’ll have that bowl as a sweet memory of him. Thank you Debby, from the bottom of our hearts.

We definitely recommend Debby and her beautiful, thoughtful artwork that comes in almost any ceramic form you can think of.

Choose from the gallery or have something custom made -

See actual article HERE

I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. No sooner had you trophies arrived when 7 new PH puppies came as well! I LOVE your work! It is great and I like when trophies coordinate. Thank you so much. Now, I may need you next year for our National if we get the proposal acceptance. It will be in Sept. 2010. Thanks again.
Stephen Sipperly (Pharoah Hound) dog breed
Well, here I am in the fabulous world of Debby Carman. Mommy Janelle adores your work and so do I......It is absolutely incredible.......Thank you so much Debby for the daily pleasure you are giving us and also, for sharing your extraordinary talents with us!


Romney Smith

My Sam E's Daughter!!!!

This is Jolie and breeder, owner, handler Elena Landa. They drove in from Bothell, WA for my Specialty !!!!! I did the flowers and see that fabulous bowl that was made by a VERY TALENTED ARTIST!!!!! (Debby Carman)

I may as well include her exciting Best In Show too, while I am at it!!!!!!!
Hello Debby:

I received the pet bowls for Jill and Dexie last week and I am so thrilled how they turned out. You did a fabulous job on them and they really do reflect each of their personalities. I want to thank you for giving us such a lovely legacy to these two wonderful pets that we obviously adore. Thank you again.


Susan Ewell
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